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Ferric Carboxymaltose – The Novel Intravenous Iron Therapy

The novel design of ferric carboxymaltose offers better advantages compared to other intravenous iron therapies

  • More iron with less administration
  • More convenient and optimised dosing
  • Rapid and selective delivery of iron to reticuloendothelial system of the liver and bone marrow
  • Better tolerance and well-established safety profile
  • The potential for cost saving

Best way to treat iron deficiency anemia

If a patient suffers from iron deficiency anaemia and anaemia is not so severe, we should start the oral iron therapy. But if the patient haemoglobin level is below 10, the ideal treatment guideline is Introduction of IV iron therapy. Previously we have given iron sucrose. But Iron sucrose have lots of adverse effects, and we have some better than iron sucrose now. Iron carboxymaltose in the novel IV iron therapy now.

Available Ferric Carboxymaltose Brand in Bangladesh

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Ferric carboxymaltose give superior efficacy

Mean change in haemoglobin level from baseline to highest value was greater with ferric carboxymaltose than iron sucrose.

Iron sucrose versus ferric carboxymaltose haemoglobin change

Below the graph, provider compares between ferric carboxymaltose and iron sucrose intravenous therapy.

compare between ferric carboxymaltose and iron sucrose intravenous therapy

Ferric carboxymaltose got substantial clinical evidence that higher than 40% publish studies documenting the safety and efficacy of ferric carboxymaltose.

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Pharmaceutical form

Ferric carboxymaltose as a solution for Injection or infusion. Every 1 ml of solution contains 50 milligrams of iron as ferric carboxymaltose.

Iron Core in Carboxymaltose Shell


Ferric carboxymaltose is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency when oral iron preparations are inactive or cannot be used. The diagnosis must be based on the laboratory test.

10 Signs of Iron Deficiency

There are some symptoms by which you can understand you have iron deficiency. The main signs are fatigue, difficulty focusing, muscles cramps, brittle nails, Unusual Pale skin, red urine, infections, trouble doing your normal workout and breathlessness.

We have also included some iron-rich food in the image so that you can easily get the desired iron from your food habit change.

10 Signs of Iron Deficiency

Iron sucrose / carboxymaltose dosing for iron deficiency anaemia

Sometimes it is difficult to the determination of the iron need of the anaemic patient. Normally we determine the total iron need of the patient from the patient body weight. If the patient body weight is below 35 kg the usual intravenous iron requirement is 500 milligram. Give the patient body weighs varies from 35 kg to 70 kg the iron requirement differ from 500 mm to 1500 milligram. you can consider the below chart for the iron deficiency anemia treatment guideline.

iron sucrose dosing for iron deficiency anemia

Iron supplement amount and dilution

In below chart, we discuss how you can dilute the ferric carboxymaltose with normal saline. In this chart, we also discuss the minimum required time to administer the iron by the intravenous route.

Dosage and administration

The cumulative doors for reflection of iron using ferric carboxymaltose are determined based on the patient’s body weight and haemoglobin level and must not be exceeded. A maximum single dose of 50 milligrams per kg body weight up to thousand milligrams of iron can be administered once a week by intravenous injection.


A maximum single dose of 20 m per kg body weight of 2000 milligram of iron can be administered once a week by intravenous infusion. Do not administer 1000 milligram of iron more than once a week.



Hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of its excipients, non-serious hypersensitivity to other parenteral iron products, anaemia not contributed to iron deficiency, iron overload for the disturbance in the utilisation of iron.


Fertility pregnancy and lactation

Iron Deficiency Warning signs

There are no data regarding the effect of iron carboxymaltose on human fertility. No effect could be seen on animal fertility following treatment with iron carboxymaltose. I’m pregnant women iron carboxymaltose should be administered only when the benefit outweighs the risk for both the mother and the foetus. The treatment should be confined to the second and third trimester. Transfer of iron carboxymaltose to human milk was negligible.


Side effects

Common side effects include headache dizziness hypertension nausea injection site reactions transient blood Phosphorus decreased, alanine aminotransferase increased.



Accumulation of iron male lead to hemosiderosis. Monitoring of iron parameters such as serum ferritin and transferrin saturation may assist in recognising iron accumulation.



Store in the original package to protect from light. Do not store above 30 degree Celsius. Do not freeze.


Special precautions for disposal and other handlings

Inspect samples visually for sediment and other damage before use. Each ampoule of ferric carboxymaltose is intended for single use only. Any unused product or waste material should be discarded. No other intravenous dilution solutions and therapeutic agents should be used. As there is the potential for precipitation and interaction.

Mark the 17 iron-rich foods by which you can easily level up your haemoglobin.

17 Iron Rich Foods


Ferric carboxymaltose benefit

  • Transform your patients iron therapy experience with ferric carboxymaltose. It gives the following benefits
  • Ferric carboxymaltose offers simple and more convenient dosing regimen resulting in patients convenience.
  • Ferric carboxymaltose provides up to 50% more iron in just two administrations.
  • It offers better safety and efficacy with significant improvement in haemoglobin and ferritin level.
  • Per course treatment cost with ferric carboxymaltose is lower and beneficial for patients.

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